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Current Band sponsored education initiatives include:

  1. CNA High School Graduation Bursary Application
  2. Cook's Ferry Graduation Grade 12 Graduation Support Program
  3. CNA Post Secondary Graduation Bursary Application I did it!
  4. Download the Cook's Ferry Band Post Secondary Education Policy and Application Form and submit with all related documentation to the CFIB Education Coordinator prior to the deadline date which is May 1 of every year and is valid for one year.
  5. Check out the New Relationship Trust as they have lots of funding opportunities
  6. Cook's Ferry Adult Learning Support Program Funding Policy Adult Learning Funding Application
  7. Cook's Ferry Youth Learning Support Program Funding Policy Policy and Application Form
  8. Cook's Ferry Indian Band Brighter Futures Funds Youth Application
  9. For more information on these initiatives please email or call at 250 458.2224 ext 106 Education Coordinator Harriett Isaac