CCP Phase 3 Band Member Survey

Welcome! from Cook's Ferry Indian Band

Comprehensive Community Plan Implementation Advisory Committee

Cook’s Ferry Band will finish Phase 3 of a three-phase process to complete our Comprehensive Community Plan (CCP). During Phase 1, Band Members confirmed a vision for each of eight planning areas, including:

1. Education
2. Health and Wellness
3. Culture and Language
4. Infrastructure
5. Lands and Resources
6. Economic Development
7. Social Environment
8. Governance

During Phase 2, Members confirmed 34 broad goals they felt would help achieve the vision in the eight planning areas. Members also identified 119 specific projects they felt would help achieve the goals. Cook’s Ferry does not have the resources to undertake 119 projects at once. Chief and Council will create an Actions and Implementation Plan to ensure our CCP can be implemented in a way that addresses the highest priority projects first, and the rest over time.

To ensure Band Members have a say in developing the Actions and Implementation Plan, Chief and Council established the Cook’s Ferry CCP Implementation Committee made up of five Band Members. The Committee’s role is to represent Band Members in recommending to Council the highest priority goals and projects Members want to see addressed in the short-, medium- and long-term, and outcomes we should be monitoring.

To truly represent Band Members, the Committee needs to hear from you. Please take the time to provide your input on the goals and projects you feel are top priority. Considering input received from Band Members, the Committee will draft recommendations to Council in March. Chief and Council will then work with staff to examine the Band’s available resources for implementing the recommendations before finalizing the Actions and Implementation Plan that will complete our CCP by May 2017.

The survey should take approximately 20 minutes to complete. If you would like to refer to the CCP Draft Report as you take the survey, you can find it here: CCP Draft Report May 2016

Kʷukʷstemc - Thank you

Cook’s Ferry CCP Implementation Advisory Committee Members
Lena Nicholson, Chairperson
Rosemarie Hill, Secretary
Kyle Taylor Lucas, Committee Member
Verna Miller, Committee Member, Jean York, Committee Member