Comprehensive Community Plan

Cook’s Ferry Comprehensive Community Plan Phase 3 is complete!

Cook’s Ferry is happy to report that we had positive achievements in training and capacity development for Cook’s Ferry during Phase 3. Phase 3 of the Comprehensive Community Plan (CCP) process increased Cook’s Ferry planning-related abilities in the final stage as project-planning workshops were held with Chief and Council, Administration and seven CCP Implementation Advisory Committee meeting were held. The workshops equipped Chief, Council, Administration and the CCP Implementation Advisory Committee how to

  • Establish the CCP Implementation Advisory Committee Terms of Reference
  • Recognize the purpose and benefits of Committees for Cook’s Ferry and identify Cook’s Ferry Committee Framework and Committee Best Practices
  • Develop the Committee’s purpose, Committee membership & appointments and Committee protocol
  • Understand the role/expectations of the Committee Chairperson, Committee Members, Chief and Council and the role of Band Manager
  • Prepare for meetings and conduct effective meetings
  • Apply strategies to work well together and how to value the differences
  • Record minutes (public documents) and identify what should go into the minutes; and
  • How to write recommendations to Council (minutes or reports)

A 1-day training workshop with Cook’s Ferry Administration developed the staff’s capacity as Administration acquired new skills on how to identify, create and develop high-level work plans for each of the eight CCP’s themed areas that can be looked at in the future. Cook’s Ferry Administration now has an increased knowledge about how to develop program budgets, where to look to find financial or human resources, and how to look for available programs that potentially can be available to meet the needs of Cook’s Ferry Members. Administration learned that developing work plans and work planning is part of a strategic approach that involves numerous planning processes and interactions within Cook’s Ferry Administration and community Members to ensure alignment with Cook’s Ferry’s overall strategic planning goals and direction.

The CCP Implementation Advisory Committee was formed at the start Phase 3 and the Committee was very much involved in guiding and assisting with the CCP activities such as

  • gathering and interpreting member input on the community’s highest priority goals and initiatives
  • creating recommendations to Chief and Council based on member input on the top priority goals and initiatives; and
  • creating strategies to action and evaluate progress over time

The CCP Implementation Advisory Committee members are Jean York, Pepeyla (Verna) Miller, Rosemarie Hill, Lena Nicolson and Kyle Taylor-Lucas. The CCP Implementation Committee did an outstanding job and provided some very rich and thoughtful insights in all of the planning stages in Phase 3.

Cook’s Ferry is now in the process of looking at the CCP Phase 3 Action Plan and CCP Implementation and Monitoring Plan that was created to ensure the CCP is well understood and utilized by Cook’s Ferry Administration and Cook’s Ferry community members.

It was a great pleasure to have this time with Cook’s Ferry as your Comprehensive Community Planner and I enjoyed getting to know many Cook’s Ferry Members.

All my Relations,

Kathrine Stegner

CCP Planner - Phase 3