Education is a key pillar in the success of individuals. Cook’s Ferry funds its post-secondary students through support funding from Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC). Chief and Council are currently updating the Band’s post-secondary funding policy. However, Council recognizes that AANDC funding for post-secondary education is not always sufficient to assist all members with their educational goals and are committed to exploring additional supports for Cook’s Ferry students.

Chief and Council have developed a policy for the Accelerated Credit Enrolment in Industry Training (ACE-IT) program. ACE-IT is a program for grade 12 students that is the in-class component of a high school apprenticeship. The ACE-IT program is provided in partnership with the School districts.

During CCP Phase 1, 40 percent of Cook’s Ferry members participating indicated they are interested in trades training and 25 percent are interested in obtaining a university degree. Participants were asked to identify their top priorities when it comes to receiving Band assistance with achieving educational goals. While “Individual Education Credits to all Band Members” received the highest percentage of support (31%) Assistance Program for Trades (25%) and Targeted Skill and Education Development (21%) also received significant support.

Current Band sponsored education initiatives include:

  • Assisting Cook’s Ferry students to receive funding through AANDC
  • Policy for ACE-IT program for grade 12 students
  • C.N.A. hosted Equipment Operator training
  • Stein Valley, First Nation private school in Lytton
  • Band has hosted First Aid training, chainsaw safety and flagging courses
  • C.N.A. Pluto database system
  • Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Services (ASETS)