Cook’s Ferry Indian Band is governed by one Chief and three Councillors. Chief and Council are elected by the membership. Cook’s Ferry adopted its own Custom Election Rules in 1994 The Custom Election Rules allow membership 18 years or older to vote for Chief and Council. Membership who vote must be present in person at the polling station to do so.

Council’s elected terms are set out for four consecutive years. The Custom Election Rules allow for one Chief (residing on or off reserve), one councillor (who must reside on one of the Cook’s Ferry Indian Band reserves), and two additional councillors (who may reside either on or off reserve). The rules allow for one councillor for every 100 band members. Upon taking office, each of the elected members of Chief and Council sign an “Oath of Office”.

In CCP Phase 1 participating members identified as their number one priority for Chief and Council to be working on when it comes to Band Governance as Governance policy development. Chief and Council have started the policy development work and have engaged in the work for the Election Code Revisions. Chief and Council have identified that the Membership Code as a long-term goal, in terms of the term of this Council Term.