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Cook’s Ferry’s infrastructure includes Band buildings, roads, water and sewer services, and houses. Cook’s Ferry Indian Band currently has 46 homes on-reserve. The Band currently operates its housing according to the Band’s Housing Guidelines. However Chief and Council are actively drafting a new housing policy. This housing policy aims to support access to safe, adequate and affordable housing.

The Cook’s Ferry Indian Band recently conducted inspections of all buildings on reserve to assess their current state. Many of the existing homes are in need of repairs and renovations. Chief and Council are currently working to identify funding sources that can be made available to membership to cover the cost of renovations that go beyond basic health and safety.

The Cook’s Ferry Indian Band’s Antko subdivision I.R. 21 is located in Merritt. This subdivision includes 36 serviced housing lots. There are also five additional serviced lots on reserve in Spences Bridge. In order to fill these lots, Cook’s Ferry Band requires an approved Housing Policy. Developing a Housing Policy was one of the goals that community members identified as being a high priority and Chief and Council are currently developing a Housing Policy for Cook’s Ferry.

The Chief Whistemnitsa building located at Spences Bridge houses the Band administration and Hesk’wen’scutxe Health Services Society offices. Various organizations also access the building for functions, workshops and meetings.

In addition, the Chief Tetlinitsa Memorial amphitheatre is used for performances, plays, festivals, weddings and family reunions. This building is located at Kumcheen I.R.1 at the campground and meeting place of the Nicola (Nkemci’n) River and Thompson River.

Cook’s Ferry has had extensive work done on its water wells. The water system was needing upgrades as the wells that were existing pre 2009 were located near the Nicola River. These were considered to be “groundwater under direct influence” (GUDI) of the Nicola River. The Band had new wells drilled in 2009 to provide better quality water to the Kumsheen residents. The wells were drilled farther away from the river to ensure they were not under direct influence of the Nicola River.

The Cook’s Ferry Indian Band recently worked in collaboration with the Thompson Nicola Regional District to upgrade the water system to better serve the Band’s reserves in Spences Bridge as well as the Town of Spences Bridge. There are currently three wells operating at Kumsheen I.R#1 which provide potable water to two Spences Bridge community reservoirs and two Kumsheen reservoirs.