Social Environment

Cook’s Ferry Indian Band has 347 members. Approximately 85 percent (296) people live away from the community. Cook’s Ferry members live on Cook’s Ferry Band reserve lands, as well as in Kamloops, Kelowna, Merritt, the Lower Mainland, throughout British Columbia, other Provinces, the United States and even abroad. Through the adoption of Bill C31 (1985) and Bill C3 (2010) – which ended gender inequality regarding status under the Indian Act, a number of Cook’s Ferry members regained their status and membership in the Band.

Cook’s Ferry Indian Band also administers several programs under its social development program, including:

  • Special Needs Program
  • Adult in-home care program
  • National Child Benefit Program
  • Family Violence Initiative

The Cook’s Ferry Indian Band also works with other agencies, including: Nlakapumx Child and Family Services, First Peoples Education Council, School District #74, HHSS, Han Knakst Tsitxw Society.

During Phase 1 CCP community engagement, Community Connectedness and Youth and Elder Program Development were tied overall as the number one priority by 26 percent of participants. A slightly smaller percentage, but still significant, identified “Wellness, lateral violence and trauma resources” (17%) and “set up and support remote Band chapter locations” (16%) as being a number one priority.

Cook’s Ferry hosts social events such as bingos; Halloween, Easter and Christmas parties; and kids’ fun days. The Band also provides fire wood to elders and organizes cultural outings.