A series of videos based on language, culture, events and comprehensive community planning.

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The Nlaka'pamux Language Project videos are short just 1 minute or less and feature at least 5 words per video, we want band members to try a word a day or week. The more you learn, the more fun it gets and so on.

What is a Comprehensive Community Plan?

Why a Comprehensive Community Plan is important.

Nlaka'pamux Language Project videos:

A Nlaka'pamux language tutorial with Pearl Hewitt.

A language video tutorial demo.

Ts'akw'm: A way of our people.

Nlaka'pamux Language Project: Eye, ear, nose, etc

Nlaka'pamux Language Project: Senses

Nlaka'pamux Language Project: Animals

Nlaka'pamux Language Project: Edible Plants and Berries

Nlaka'pamux Language Project: Counting to 10

Memorial Stone Project Videos:

Memorial Stone Project Day 1

Memorial Stone Project Day 2

Memorial Stone Project Day 3

Memorial Stone Project Day 4

Memorial Stone Project Day 5