Social Development

What is Social Development?

This presentation serves as an introduction to the administration of the program.

  • Individuals and families are responsible for managing their own affairs and maintaining themselves to the extent that their resources permit. The Social Development program provides financial support to eligible adults and their dependents who are unable to meet their basic needs.
  • The broad objectives of the Social Development program are:
  • to assist persons living on reserves in maintaining a basic standard of living
  • To prevent dependency by developing individual and family strengths
  • To assist recipients to access services that will enhance their ability to assume responsibility for their own affairs. Program administration:
Provides financial benefits and services to individuals and families; resident on reserve; who have determined a need

Need is determined by the application of a means-test; and other applicable eligibility requirements:

The Cook’s Ferry band is authorized by a funding agreement to administer the social development program. This body is responsible to administration of the program and under such an agreement the administering authority undertakes to ensure that: the program is administered in accordance with the AANDC Social Development Policy and Procedures Manual, a competent staff is employed to administer the program, assistance is provided to all persons on the reserve who meet eligibility requirements, all records forms and documents that are required by the funding agreement are maintained and are available to AANDC for program reviews and financial audits.

AANDC is provided with statistical and other documentation as required by the funding arrangement quarterly each year.

A file for each family or individual in receipt of social assistance is contained in a secured filing cabinet and contains many required documents of personal nature.

The administering authority also administers:

Special Needs Program

Adult in home care program

National Child Benefit Program

Family Violence Initiative

Other duties include:

Nlakapumx Child and Family Services Representative BCR #25-11-2013 Supporting families and

First People’s Education council Representative BCR # 12-19-2011 A ensuring our students receive adequate supports in the School District #74

Among these other duties I work hard to create Positive community gatherings to enhance the lives of our children through celebrations (eg. Honoring our children in schools) this has been a great success and keeps growing and through this event we have been able to integrate many students back to the community to strengthen the ties they may already have especially through their grandparents and extended families.

We have also engaged in many other fun projects such as Xmas and Easter Turkey/Ham Bingo’s this has promoted not only healthier nutrition to families but has also has been proven to engage families to gather socially in a positive atmosphere.


I would like to take this time to share a few of my highlights since working with the community of Cook’s Ferry:
  • Sharing my time for the past 8 years has been enjoyable for me with the learning opportunities as well
  • My overall goal is to have healthier and happier families who will pass on their teachings which I have found is very rich among the elder’s and clearly seeing the youth’s willingness to learn and engage themselves is rewarding for me as well
  • So keep up the sharing and caring of yourself and others Cook’s Ferry band members and I look forward to seeing you at one of our many events in this upcoming year.
  • Through the family violence initiative it was determined that for the next stage of healing from trauma was to maybe do a gathering of some sort I’m still tossing around the thoughts of what this would look like and if you have any ideas I’m open to hearing them and the theme of the gathering would be to work on genealogy/family trees. I’m excited for this and if you’re interested in participating please feel free to contact me at the office to keep you in the loop when working on possible dates etc.

Kukstemc-all my relations!

Angie Thorne